Seven Awaited Upcoming Movies of 2020

“The Invisible Man”

Apparently, an exciting thriller is about a woman – the main character who met a rich and handsome man. Soon the lady starts running for the hills from him, so her sweetheart turned out to be a sociopath. Then she hears the news that the man has commited suicide and she now gets all the inheritance. Everything he had, but with one special condition…


A wonderful story about a brave woman-warrior who went to war being so young. It’s also a remake of a self-titled cartoon of 90-s. 

“The New Mutants”

It should be mentioned beforehand, that it’s not exactly that the audience will see the movie this year. The release has already been delayed for several times. According to the plot, the teenagers with special powers can’t control the force and are kept in a secret base. It’s a branch of the “X-Men” franchise. 


A project for mafia stories lovers. The film is about the hero who used to be the most powerful mafioso. But who is he now? Just an old prisoner with syphilis and memories about his atrocity in the streets of Chicago. 

“No Time To Die”

The anniversary film is about the famous series of James Bond. They say, the 25th part is going to be impressive. Well, let’s see…

“Black Widow”

The life story of Black Widow or Natasha Romanoff who will tell about the character’s past. 


In this film the audience won’t see Dwayne Johnson, while all the other actors are coming back to their roles.