The Five Catchy Thrillers

The task of a thriller is to hit a nerve and keep the audience on toes. And here are 5 films which managed to do that perfectly.

Don’t Breathe

Three covetous burglars from Detroit found out that an old blind veteran had a large sum of cash. At first glance, what an easy task to rob a helpless old man. But pretty soon they will regret it. The man turned out to be an old-school guy, so he had a hidden large-caliber revolver and his guide dog was a bloodthirsty rottweiler.  

The Call

Jordan Turner serves as an operator in the rescue service. The woman once made a mistake which led to the young lady’s death. Six months later she works in the same company, but as an instructor. While giving a tour, Jordan decides to shake things up and take the call which turned out to be fatal.    

“The Call” is holding in suspense since the first episodes, while Holly Berry manages to act wonderfully, as usual. 

Straw Dogs

A young marriage couple, Amy and David Sumner, decide to change the megapolis for a quiet countryside place. Amy has grown up in this town, while her husband is not so glad about the place.

The locals are often picking on David, calling him a city slicker. They don’t perceive him as a real man. Moreover, even Amy’s ex-boyfriend, who is still hung up on her, shows up. So the quiet place soon turns into a real hell for the newly-married couple. 


Here is Holly Berry again in our list, while her partner, Robert Downey Jr. is not so famous here yet. The film is about Miranda Grey, a psychiatrist who becomes the patient of her own hospital afterwards. 

L’empire Des Loups (Wolves’ Empire)

A French thriller was released more than 15 years ago. The movie includes two storylines which finally intertwine. The first one is about a young lady Ann Games who suffers from nightmares and amnesia. She feels that she doesn’t live her own life. 

The second storyline tells about a young police captain Paul Nerto, who leads the investigation connected with the series of redheaded girls murders. In order to get help he applies to an ex-officer Sheaffer who is more experienced and can knit together all the facts.