The Ugly Duckling Turns Into a Beautiful Swan: Ella Bleu Travolta Weight Loss

Kelly Preston and John Travolta’s middle daughter Ella Bleu was born on April 3, 2000. The girl with passionate eyes and dark hair looks a lot like her father of Italian/Sicilian descent.

Ella Blue gained a lot of weight in her teenage years. Her wide forehead and strong chin emphasized these extra pounds making. The poor girl was fat shamed on social media.

Despite that, Ella was not shy to pose for paparazzi and appear in public together with her famous parents.

The young girl decided to follow her parents’ footsteps and become an actress. However, they did not want their daughter to start work at a very young age. Both John and Kelly knew that it might affect Ella’s psychological and physical condition in a bad way.

Eventually, Ella plucked up her courage and decided to lose weight. She turned into a slim and beautiful girl.

In addition to diets and workouts, she was engaged in horse riding. Ella has changed her lifestyle completely. She also learned to dress in a way that emphasize what is good about her figure and minimizes what is not.

The young actress starred in 2019 film “Poison Rose” alongside with her 65 year old father. Years before that, Ella has already played a small role together with John Travolta. She starred in the 2009 comedy “Old Dogs”.