9. Five DC Superheroes Who Deserve Screen Time in Movies

Booster Gold

This is a humorous hero from the future who does not possess any superpowers. He receives all his power from the costume and magical artifacts that he managed to steal from the museum of the futureWith the help of themthe superhero is able to flycreate force fieldsand attack with beams of energy.

Blue Beetle

Modern Blue Beetle is a teenager Jaime Reyes who gained his powers from a mysterious scarabYou can not even tell whether his eyes are humans.  

Doctor Fate

The original Doctor Fate is Kent Nelson who used to be an archaeologistThanks to the magic artifacts, he is able to read other people’s mindThis guy can destroy everything that you can even dream of.


Zatanna is a powerful superheroine who uses magic to fight multiple enemies at onceShe can healmanipulate thoughtscontrol the elementsand even attack with energy shots.


Stephanie is an amateur crime fighter named SpoilerShe is the daughter of Cluemasterwho is one of the most dangerous antagonists in BatmanThe girl did not have superpowers but she did her best to fight crime. Latershe turned into a Batgirl.


Five Movies To Watch If You Liked Joker

Joker was one of the most popular and top-grossing movies of 2019 despite the R-rating. The film received 11 Academy Awards nominations. Not bad for a comic movie, isn’t it?

This psychological thriller is one of a kind. However, we have picked some of the best movies that might remind you of Joker.

American Psycho (2000)

The protagonist of the movie is a wealthy and successful Wall Street investment banker. He seems to be a respectable and law-abiding citizen. However, the man turns into a dangerous serial killer at night.

Man Bites Dog (1992)

The main character of the movie is Ben, who is a serial killer, thief, and rapist. At the same time, he is a true gentleman who enjoys poetry, classical music, and architecture. Ben is good-looking, intelligent, and polite.

Straw Dogs (1971)

The protagonist of this movie is a hardworking applied mathematician who spends most of his life at work. He decides to quit teaching and move to a quieter place. However, things got even worse in a new town, where his wife finds a young boyfriend.

Network (1976)

Howard Beale, an old news anchor, has a mental breakdown while on-air. It seemed that he is going to lose her job now, but his outburst caused the newscast’s ratings to spike. However, the protagonist does not really like it as he turned into a pawn in the hands of television magnates.

Nightcrawler (2013)

Inspired by photojournalists who filmed a car crashed, Louis Bloom becomes a stringer. He records violent events to sell the footage to a local television news station. However, he goes too far in his pursuit of exclusive materials…

Conor McGregor’s Beautiful Sisters: Who Are They?

Conor McGregor, the UFC Lightweight Champion, is one of the wealthiest athletes in the world. This ultimately brutal guy has two older sisters, Erin and Aoife.

Erin McGregor

Erin is Conor’s personal stylist. She is the person responsible for his iconic well-groomed beard. His entire personal image is largely the merit of the older sister. When Erin is not busy perfecting Conor’s appearance, she works as a model.

The athletic girl used to be a bodybuilder, so she looks implacable. Even though Erin McGregor is 38 years old, she has a very slim figure. The woman is the mother of two children. Erin has an adult daughter and a very young son. However, she is not officially married.

Aoife McGregor

Aoife, another Conor McGregor’s sister, has her own construction equipment business. Her fiery and scandalous nature has long been the subject of discussion. The woman manages to quarrel with everyone around her. Aoife constantly picks fights on social networks. Once, she started an online war with her dog’s groomer!

At the same time, Aoife is breathtakingly beautiful. Conor McGregor himself admits that sometimes he has to scare away the crowd of admirers from her. Aoife is very serious about fitness but she spends most of her free time having fun and visiting parties. Nevertheless, the young beauty has a family. Aoife is an excellent wife and a caring stepmother for two stepdaughters.

Erin and Aoife accompany Conor McGregor at all social events. They also never miss his fights. Both girls greatly love their little brother. They were are and will always be his most devoted fans.