9. Five DC Superheroes Who Deserve Screen Time in Movies

Booster Gold

This is a humorous hero from the future who does not possess any superpowers. He receives all his power from the costume and magical artifacts that he managed to steal from the museum of the futureWith the help of themthe superhero is able to flycreate force fieldsand attack with beams of energy.

Blue Beetle

Modern Blue Beetle is a teenager Jaime Reyes who gained his powers from a mysterious scarabYou can not even tell whether his eyes are humans.  

Doctor Fate

The original Doctor Fate is Kent Nelson who used to be an archaeologistThanks to the magic artifacts, he is able to read other people’s mindThis guy can destroy everything that you can even dream of.


Zatanna is a powerful superheroine who uses magic to fight multiple enemies at onceShe can healmanipulate thoughtscontrol the elementsand even attack with energy shots.


Stephanie is an amateur crime fighter named SpoilerShe is the daughter of Cluemasterwho is one of the most dangerous antagonists in BatmanThe girl did not have superpowers but she did her best to fight crime. Latershe turned into a Batgirl.