Weird celebrity haircuts and hairstyles you will not like to copy

Sarah Jessica Parker with braid

They say that nothing can spoil beauty. Apparently, some stars were guided by this rule when they went to experiment with their hair. It is not known whether this was their own choice or the advice of the stylist, but in any case, the images came out in failure. Don’t try to copy – it’s dangerous for people you surround yourself with (in particular for their mental health).

Kim Kardashian’s “Cook” hairstyle

Kim Kardashian with "Cook" hairstyle


Kim Kardashian has always had a love of experimenting with hairstyles.
On the web, you can find hundreds of different images of the star – with loose hair gathered in a ponytail, straight and curled into curls, short and long. Once she even decided to become a platinum blonde.

But with the “cook” she tried in the summer of 2015, Kim obviously did not guess right. Yet it only goes to one person – Elvis Presley.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s  braid wreath

Sarah Jessica Parker with braid


Actress from “Sex and the City” Sarah Jessica Parker has a charismatic, but still not perfect appearance. But it seems that she long ago accepted and fell in love with all her shortcomings and does not hesitate to try on different images that she liked.

And she does not care at all that the hairstyle a-la Yulia Timoshenko (famous politician from Ukraine), with which she appeared at one of the events, in the opinion of many, categorically does not suit her.

But hair stylists still do not recommend repeating such styling for people with an elongated face and small facial features – the hairstyle will add heaviness, making the head disproportionately large.

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Angelina Jolie’s Dark Hairstyle

Angelina Jolie with black loose hair


The unsurpassed Angelina Jolie has always been famous for her flawless beauty. It seemed like not dressing and combing the celebrity’s hair – everything suits her.

But still, loose black hair of the “black wing” shade, and even in contrast with a pale face, looks frightening even on such a beauty. In this way, Jolie immediately resembles Morticia from The Addams Family.

Recently, the paparazzi made public the photos they took at Charles de Gaulle airport. They depict the singer Beyoncé with her husband and daughter.

But it was not this that attracted the attention of fans, but her new hairstyle – long, loose hair and short-cropped thick bangs. It was later revealed that it was just a wig (isn’t it weird?).

But the choice of the star is still unclear – what attracted her in this image? After all, with him she looks like a girl at a school disco in the province.

Britney Spears with Super Short Hair

Britney Spears with Very Short hear


In early 2000-th, the once successful Britney Spears, who occupied the leading lines of the charts and conquered millions of people with her talent, was overtaken by deep depression and drug problems.

Then the singer decided not just to cut her hair, but to shave her head. Perhaps this was dictated by the desire to get rid of the negativity and start all over again.

Or maybe the action was performed under the influence of psychotropic substances. But regardless of the circumstances, such an insane act made a significant part of her fans turn away from Britney.

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